Our research lies at the interface between Organic Chemistry, Polymer Science and Life Sciences. We combine organic and polymer chemistry with materials science to develop well-defined multivalent materials that can work at the nanoscale. Control over degree and type of functionality, size and architecture are key goals in the development of functional materials that act as tools in Biology and Medicine. Key applications include sensing and imaging, drug delivery or the development of novel antimicrobials.


The group was established at the University of Birmingham in 2013 by Dr Francisco Fernandez-Trillo (Paco). In August 2021, we moved to the University of La Coruña, with a Beatriz Galindo Award to take a postion of “Investigador Distinguido Senior” and to join the recently established Advanced Scientific Research Centre (CICA). Updates on available positions, research outcomes or the progress of the group will be made through our news section. Alternatively, you can either: