4th Annual Postgraduate Symposium on Nanotechnology Yesterday

All the group was busy yesterday with the 4th Annual Postgraduate Symposium on Nanotechnology. It was a long day, but thankfully everything worked nicely. Meeting was possible thanks to the hard work of all of the members in the group. And we even had time to relax and have some fun.



Christmas Dinner

Yesterday we had our Christmas dinner. Like last year, we did it together with the group of Para Rodriguez. Big thanks to Liz Bennet from his group for organising a great meal at the Bodega Cantina. Lots of tacos, burritos and great fun.

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Note: Quality of the pictures is pretty terrible. This is what happens when you try to take a selfie rather than stand up and take a proper picture

Invited talk for Paco at Warwick University

Paco will give a talk tomorrow, 10th of Dec, at the University of Warwick. He will be speaking in the 1st Chemistry, Materials and Biomedical Science Cross-Disciplinary Christmas Meeting organised by Daniel Philips from Matthew Gibson’s research group. The meeting will take place in the Molecular Organisation and Assembly in Cells CDT where Paco will be talking about “Polymers and Bacteria: New approaches to target microbial infection using Nanotechnology