Alexander Antropenko

28616587_2043344442346359_7598938026361291839_oI am Alex – a PhD student whose work is based around the development of polymeric and monomeric materials for the smart drug delivery systems. During my MSci I was part of Paco’s group, where I worked on the development of thermo-responsive polypeptides. Finishing the MSci project, I was able to take up a joint PhD position with Paco (University of Birmingham) and Frank Caruso (University of Melbourne), to work in the field of controlled drug-delivery.
The aim of my PhD project is to develop a smart delivery system of cationic polymers and peptides using degradable capsules. I am using layer-by-layer approach to assemble the shell of the capsules.
In my spare time I love learning new IT skills: python, molecular dynamics, and media production. Moreover, I love photography and videography, which help me to balance scientific side of my life and add more creativity into my life. Lastly, I adore everything which relates to outdoors sports and activities that is why I dream to cycle through Africa and Europe.
  •  Education:
    • University of Birmingham, UK
      • Msci with Industrial Experience, Chemistry, 2015-2019
  • Research career
    • PhD in Chemistry, UoB (2019-)