Nick Huneidi

IMG-20201118-WA0007I am a PhD student with the MIBTP doctoral training programme supervised by Paco and Tim Overton (Chemical engineering) exploring the use of polymers to control E. coli biofilm formation for biotechnological applications.

Prior to starting my PhD I obtained my BSc in Medicinal Chemistry & Biology at Keele University and my MSc in Biochemical Engineering here at the University of Birmingham. Following this education I worked at Johnson Matthey in their biotechnology division as a research scientist in process development for large-scale production, purification and formulation of recombinant biological products. In my spare time I like to play sports where I currently play for the university’s American Football team in addition to less painful activities such as seeing live music/festivals and drinking beer.


  • BSc Medicinal Chemistry & Biology, Keele University; 2013-2016
  • MSc Biochemical Engineering, University of Birmingham; 2016-2017

Research Career

  • 3rd year BSc project; 6 months (2016); Dr Laura Hancock; ‘Synthesis of a supramolecular anion sensor utilising halogen bonding’
  • Msc Project; 3 months (2017); Prof. Owen Thomas ‘Design and development of
  • pilot-scale production and purification of biogenic magnetic nanoparticles’
  • Research scientist (2017-2018); Johnson Matthey