Amit Deb

IMG-20170327-WA0009_OriginalI graduated from Imperial College London having completed a Master of Research (MRes) in Advanced Molecular Synthesis (Organic Chemistry). During this time, I have worked under the supervision of Prof. Philip Parsons and Dr Lewis Allen in the synthesis of small molecules for morphine derivatives, involving tetralones and intramolecular ring openings and expansions. Before this, I have graduated from Kingston University London with a Bachelor of Science (BSc) with First Class. In my final year project at Kingston University, I worked under the supervision of Dr Ian Beadham and I was looking into the synthesis of a cyclopropane shikimic acid analogue as an inhibitor of the shikimate pathway, that could be used possibly as a pro-drug against malaria.

In September 2020, I started my PhD under the supervision of Paco and Dr Sara Jabbari, which involved the synthesis of polymers to aid biofilm formation in bacteria such as Cholera.

My interest relies on synthetic chemistry for biological and biomedical application, polymer chemistry, small molecules, natural products, flow chemistry, C-H and C-X bond functionalization and computational chemistry.

Outside my science studies, I am also a qualified English Teacher as a Second Language with CELTA (Cambridge University) and TEFL qualification. Now I am using this skill to direct my start-up in education.

When I am not in the lab, I like to play the drum, cook, read or fiddling with my camera, or anything new and creative.  Moreover, I am also interested in start-ups and new business ideas.

I always love to learn something new, whether it is about Art, History or Politics. However, my true passion is for Sciences and most of all Chemistry.


  • BSc (Hons) Chemistry with First Class, Kingston University London; 2015-2018
  • MRes in Advanced Molecular Synthesis, Imperial College London; 2018-2019

Research Career

  • BSc final year project; 8 months (2017-2018); Dr Ian Beadham; ‘Synthesis of a cyclopropane shikimic acid analogue as an inhibitor of the shikimate pathway’.
  • MRes project; 1 year (2018-2019); Prof Philip Parsons; ‘Studies on the synthesis of morphine scaffolds’.