Charlotte Farrow

Charlotte imageI graduated from Lancaster University having completed a masters in Natural Sciences. My masters project was based in coordination chemistry, looking at the synthesis of novel rhenium macromolecules for potential therapeutic action under the supervision of Dr. M Coogan. Prior to this I received a bursary from the RSC to work on platinum IV complexes for use in cell imaging, from which I have a patent pending on a novel tracker for a specific organelle. From September 2017, I have started work as a postgraduate investigating anthracene HNO adducts for potential therapeutic actions, under the supervision of Paco, Jim Tucker and Richard Grainger. In my spare time I am a keen equestrian, and hope to get involved in the University of Birmingham Boat Club to continue my coxing.
  •  Education:
    • Lancaster University: MSci, Natural Sciences 2013-2017
  • Research career
    • Summer Research Project (RSC funded), Lancaster University 2015
    • Masters project with Dr. M Coogan, Lancaster University, 2016-2017
    • PhD in Chemistry (2017-2021)