Manal Alanazi

I am a PhD student working on the developing a solid phase system for protein modification under the supervision of Dr Francisco Fernandez-Trillo, Sam Butterworth, Anna Peacock and Marie-Christine Jones. I graduated from the King Saud University (Saudi Arabia) having completed my undergraduate in Pharmaceutical science in 2011. I did MSc in drug discovery and medicinal chemistry at University of Birmingham. My MSc project was focused on the synthesis of the cleavable linker for the chemical modification of proteins. This project was carried out under Dr Sam Butterworth’s supervision. I worked as a pharmacist in king Abdul-Aziz hospital (2012-2014).
  •  Education:
    • King Saud University, Saudi Arabia
      • BSci, Pharmacy, 2006 – 2011
    • University of Birmingham, UK
      • MSci, drug discovery and medicinal chemistry, 2015.
  • Research career
    • UoB, UK. Masters project in the groups of Dr Sam Butterworth, 2014-2015.
    • UoB, UK. PhD student in the School of Chemistry.